Welcome to the new Chislewick Residents’ Association 20ten Website

Welcome to the official website of the CRA20ten, the Chislewick Residents’Association 20ten ….Little Chislewick RA has grown and evolved…!!

Let me add a quick update…our regular monthly meetings have changed to the 2nd Thursday’s of each month…same time, same venue 

Since our creation in October 2010, the resulting action of local residents who wanted to form a community group in Cray Valley West, the LCRA has gone from strength to strength and as such has evolved.

Our group’s original name, the Little Chislewick Residents’ Association, was chosen to create a generic village style image and allowed us to spread across the ward in which we now have a current representation of over one hundred and fifty individual members in over twenty five roads in Cray Valley West. The new organisation wanted to keep this link and add the 20TEN reference, being the date that our original organisation, the LCRA, started.

The CRA20ten is no talking shop, we believe in action and it was with this concept in mind that a framework was set up to cover three main area’s of interest, Events, Information and Issues.

Do take time to look at our Issues pages, also there is the Information-CRA-Latest News page which will be updated with latest news clips to keep you updated. There is also the Events-Calendar page to advise of up an coming events meetings etc.

The three groups have their own agenda’s within the CRA framework and combine to provide an all round service to the community of Cray Valley West.

We work closely with Ward Councillors, Council officers and other agencies to get the best solution for our area.

Whether it is taking up an issue of road safety or having fun in the local park with our  Charity Duck Racing or simply providing a piece of useful information to a resident, we cover it all.

All our members are volunteers, some retired, other working full time or semi –retired and we endeavour to do our best to improve the area we live and work in.

It can be hard and time consuming work and our ethos is to encourage all members to participate in whatever form they can to make the workload lighter for all.

If you are considering joining, do take the time to look all over the site, our various pages will provide you with a general insight of our most recent activities and up and coming projects, issues and events.

Remember, whatever you can do however small, it is valued…even simply being a non-active member helps strengthen our voice.

On behalf of our existing membership, I thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we hope you will join us in making the Cray Valley a more friendly and vibrant place.

Andy Wilson

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