Chairman’s Report

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to our website which I am pleased to say is back up and running after a few technical glitches. We will be bringing the site up to date over the next few weeks so please bear with us..!!

The Chislewick Residents’ Association 20ten has grown fast over the last three years, in that time we have achieved many goals that we set ourselves back in 2010.

The Association has developed many contacts in this time which has helped us along the way,  we are recognised as a responsible and hard working organisation… with the Cray Valley West ward area at the centre of our focus.

It has not been without growing pains here and there, however generally we have learnt and gained experience over time.

Every single member can be proud of what we have done in such a short time and I hope all our efforts have improved the area and lives of people living in the Crays.

Looking forward into 2015 and beyond, our website will make significant improvements on how we communicate and collate information to and from both existing and potential new members.

It will also provide a useful insight for residents into the way we work and become our shop front to the world both inside and outside of the Crays.

All of you living here realise that the area can be made better and the community spirit, that the Chislewick Residents’ Association 20ten are passionate about, will hopefully encourage others to get involved.

We are a village community, just a very large one, we have made our first steps in bringing people together to help and support each other.

I now look forward to the next few years where we start to quicken our pace and continue a steady upward climb to achieve larger goals.

We have already started on this phase with the bringing together of other Association chair persons in a panel that will look to combine our strengths and deliver funds to carry out more local community projects and initiatives, known as the Cray Valley Initiative Panel, it will encourage other local groups to come forward through their Residents’ Associations and put in bids for funding of local projects.

The people of the Cray are proud of their area and we are pleased to ‘do our bit’.

2015 will be another successful year for the Association and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone out there who have helped in some way to make this all possible or has assisted us in making improvements.

Well done to all our members, carry on the good work team..!!

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