CVIP Introduction

Cray Valley Initiative Panel

Have you got an idea which can make a difference in your community? Are you a local community group or have an idea for a project? If so, then we can provide grants from £250 to £2,500. We are looking to fund groups, based in the ward of Cray Valley East, focusing on:

Children & young people: activities which provide a safe environment and positive development to young people
Health & well being: improving the health and well being of local people
Community: bring different communities within the ward closer together
Economic improvement: encourage economic growth to create a thriving and prosperous local economy, creating local jobs.
Older people: reducing the impact of isolation on older residents
Funding is now available for projects that will have an impact on any one of the four priorities listed above. All activities must benefit residents in the ward of Cray Valley East.

One of the projects that the CVIP were proud to support is the Cray Festival to be held on Saturday July 6th 2013.

This bid was successful due to it’s well thought out detail from the finance point of view and all encompassing aspects of the bid remit priorities.

Last week saw the banners going up all along Cray Avenue and Sevenoaks Way.

The CVIP will be present at the festival and we look forward to a great day….come rain or shine..!!


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