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Next Meeting Date – 12th March 2014

The CVIP next meet on 12th March 2014, so again, if there are any groups out there that want to put bids in for a grant of between £250 – £2,500 visit the CVIP website. There is also a brand new document called the ‘Project Toolkit’ to help groups put together their grant bids ensuring that all the information required by the panel is provided first time around to speed up the assessment process. The CVIP will have a stall at the Cray Festival in 2014 so do come along and visit us, in the meantime we are looking to hold surgeries inviting groups along to go through the ‘Project Toolkit’, the dates for these surgeries will be announced here and on the CVIP website soon…watch this space

and lastly….it has been checked and confirmed that groups in Cray Valley West can put in bids if it can be shown that Cray Valley East residents will substantially benefit from the project.

Turnaround – After School Sticker Exchange Shop – January 2014 – This pilot project sees volunteers running after school learning sessions at the Turnaround workshop, the scheme involves one to one tuition in Reading, Writing, Maths and English. Regular attendance is rewarded with a sticker exchange scheme where children can exchange their stickers for educational items such as pens, pencils etc.. The sessions will be free and open to all children. The idea behind the project is to encourage learning in local children. A bid was put forward for a modest £300 funding, so impressed were the CVIP with this bid that it was felt it would probably benefit from a larger sum, however the organisors want to establish the project first and if successful would consider putting in another bid in the next financial year.

Zinnea Community Enterprise – Growing Crayz – January 2014 – This project involves the growing of local produce, at the same time teaching adults and children about growing and eating healthy food. With two organised sessions per week, a bid was put forward to the CVIP for funds to establish the plot, buy materials, equipment plants, seeds and compost. This bid has been approved by the CVIP to put it forward to the Community First funding department. More to come on this project.

St Mary Cray Sandpit Project – Update – June 2013 – This funded project is under way and we look forward to the end results.

Cray Festival Project – Update – June 2013 – As a result of the funds allotted by the CVIP more support has been forthcoming from local businesses which have been visited by Nick Barclay, the events main organiser and a real local whirlwind of energy.


St Mary Cray Athletic Football Club – This bid is currently being considered, the request is for a grant of £2,500 to help fund affordable football training, improve facilities and train coaches to provide training for young people with physical or learning disabilities

St Mary Cray Sandpit Project – The CVIP has passed a bid for a grant of £2,500 for a local project to create a fun site for the children of Cray Valley East and West. The bid was put together by the St Mary Cray Action Group.

Update 30th April 2013 – The CVIP funding helped draw in additional funding from other sources and is about to start putting shovels in the ground.

Cray Festival Project – 
A second bid is in the process of being passed through, this has been put forward by the Friends of Cray Valley Parks group. The bid was for funds to help cover various requirements in terms of equipment to help make a success of this fun day for the whole of the community which sees visitors not only from Cray Valley East but from areas all around.  More details to follow shortly.

Update 30th April 2013 – The bid for a grant of £2,500 was passed, again the CVIP funding helped attract more funding from a local estate agent who has provided another £750 to put into the fund pot to help make the day a roaring success.

Cray Valley East Clean Up Project – A bid for a grant of £2,500 was passed by the CVIP to help a community action day designed to spruce up the area generally, this project which is being led by the St Mary Cray Action Group will see local groups and other volunteers coming together to tidy up land in the CVE ward, land that does not belong to the Council. The funding will ensure good marketing around the area to draw the community together and help to provide cleaning materials and equipment. Watch out for posters and get volunteering..!!


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