The Finance group look after the day to day running of the accounts, as a group the Association has a variety of income to enable it to carry out the various administration duties as well as funding the various events and newsletter production.


Annual Membership Subscription

£12.00 per annum for working households (the subscription is based on households and not individual)

£6.00 per annum for households where one or more individuals are retired

£52.00 per annum for commercial membership

£26.00 per annum for educational membership

Payment for the year is payable on joining

If you would like to join please send us a reply with your details, membership is not automatic, all applications to join are vetted and if passed are invited to join. The Chislewick Residents’ Association 20TEN reserves the right to refuse membership

The association also receives donations from members and commercial members who would like to be included in our publications, these are always stated as commercial advertisments and the CRA20TEN cannot guarantee satisfaction and would always advise members to seek alternative comparisons.




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