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The Friends Of the Park Initiative

is taken up by members of the CRA20TEN, in the form of the Brook Park Friends who take part in maintenance projects in the park and also carry out a regular weekly ‘litter pick’ .

Brook Park, officially named on the maps as St Paul’s Cray Recreational Ground, a very municipal sounding name, is located off Brook Way and lies spread across two ward boundaries, Cray Valley West and Cray Valley East.

We meet at 9am in Brook Way on a Saturday morning and normally finish by 10.30am, the group is split into two teams at present, each team working alternate Saturdays.

All equipment is supplied, litter pickers, bags and bag rings, gloves, hi-viz vests and also waders (for those brave souls wishing to enter the stream to pick rubbish from there).

Old warm clothes are advised in inclement weather, with long trousers and stout footware.

Volunteers are expected to use common sense when taking part, activities are undertaken at the risk of the volunteer, we have a First Aid Kit to hand on every litter pick and the latest includes whistles to attract attention for safety. No children are allowed unless under strict supervision of a parent or guardian who will be expected to accompany the child/children at all times.

Click on the link above for an information sheet that give you a little bit more information.

Latest News





Lost Teddy – 23rd June 2013 – A friendly looking teddy was found in Brook Park, Brook Way off Sevenoaks Way last Saturday by one of the friends on our weekly litter pick, it is a very cute looking teddy and it’s owner must be missing her (or him) . If you are the owner just scroll down to the bottom of this page and send a reply with a full description of the teddy and contact number or e-mail so that we can reunite her with her family..!!

The Friends Of Brook Park meet in Brook Way every Saturday morning at 9am and finish back in Brook Way by about 10.30am and could meet up there to hand her over.


‘Willow Bridge’ – Update – 19th June 2013 – The bridge is now finished, open and being used, unfortunately our young graffiti artist friends have already plied their trade, the graffiti has been reported and should be removed in the next day or so, it has also been reported to the local police team.

‘Willow Bridge’ – Update – 15th June 2013 – The repairs are almost complete, the metal railings have all been completed and the wooden foot way across the bridge was almost completed by 15th June.


‘Willow Bridge’ – April 27th 2013 – Repairs under way, LB Bromley have started on the long awaited repairs to the wooden bridge which was vandalised, the Council felt that the repairs were justified, partly in response to the work of the dedicated team of volunteer Brook Park Friends group and the information gathering from park users which was relayed back. The new construction will be made in metal and sprayed black to match metalwork on the ‘Flint Bridge’ over the weir.


New Flagpole – April 3rd 2013 – A new flagpole has been erected near to the swingpark entrance in Brook Park, together with our new flag which will be raised shortly.


Daffodils & Primroses – April 2nd 2013 – The planting of Daffodil bulbs and Primroses in the park earlier in the year have added a splash of colour to the park since they were planted earlier in the year, the Primroses planted on the river bank between the ‘Flint bridge’ and ‘Willow bridge’ are still in flower and the Daffodil bulbs on the bank in the old swing park area of the Brook Way entrance have burst forth and look really good.


‘Kingfisher Gully’  – March 2013 – The broken fencing around the small spur located off the river between the ‘Flint Bridge’ and ‘Willow Bridge’ was taken down and rolled up ready for removal from the site, this has made the small spur a lot more natural.  The fence was serving no purpose and the Brook Park Friends group along with Council Open Spaces Officers took the fencing down. This spot is a favourite spot for our kingfishers and visiting white Egret.


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