Welcome to the Information Group’s website page, below you find a variety of information and links to other useful sites.

CRA20TEN Meeting Details

The CRA20TEN hold a regular monthly meeting for members and official invited guests.

Venue: The Hall behind The Bull Inn, Main Road, St Paul’s Cray

Times: Monthly, 1st Monday of every month 7.30pm-9pm

The Information Group handles the Association’s website and Newsletter as well as helping with the various leaflet drops in the area.

We will be working on a local trades page shortly encouraging our commercial members to advertise their trade.

If you have any idea’s you can write into the CRA20TEN using the ‘make a comment’

Help is always needed and much appreciated, as a member if you think you can help in any way just leave a message on the site or speak to us at our next monthly meeting. For anyone not yet a member but would like to join and get involved, just contact us for a membership application form.

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