CRA Introduction

The Chislewick Residents’ Association 20ten, or simply the CRA20ten, is the new name for the original Little Chislewick Residents’ Association.

Started originally under the LCRA title in 2010, the association was formed to bring the community together and provide a voice for people who wished to change and improve standards in the area of Cray Valley West.

In addition, it was our intention to provide more than just a residents’ association in the traditional sense of just dealing with issues, by introducing the idea of holding events to encourage community cohesion and raise money for charity and association funds.

It was also felt that the association needed to provide a source of useful information to residents in general.

And so, the CRA20ten has four sub groups dealing with Issues, Events, Information, Finance and the newest sub group Friends which creates a fifth group, sees our members getting involved in the Friends of the Park, Snowfriends and Streetfriends initiatives assisted by the LB Bromley.

Three years on and we have grown consistently month on month and now have over 150 individual members across 26 streets in the ward. We have members in all parts of the ward, south, north, east and west which allows us to deal with issues all over.

This brand new website is another part of our evolution and a valuable tool for the Information Group, it will be populated with more information over the next couple of weeks and will be kept up to date continually.

The CRA20ten is a dynamic association, we have achieved under the LCRA a lot of improvements over the last five years since 2010, which have improved the environment we live in, this will continue under the new Chislewick Residents’ Association 20ten.




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