Past Achievements

A224 Road Safety Dossier – 2011 – A dossier was compiled on the requirements of road safety improvements along the A224 Sevenoaks Way running through the Cray Valley West ward.

The CRA called for electronic speed awareness signage, blue roundel alluminated signage on ‘D’ islands, 30mph painted road signage at Crittals Corner among a host of other improvements. The Association met with Ward Councillors and the LB Bromley Chief Engineer and are happy to report the implementation of many of the requests in 2012/13

McDonald’s /Broomwood PH Site – October 2010 – A major campaign was undertaken against an international fast food chain wanting to take over the last public house in Cray Valley West.

The CRA ran a successful campaign holding public meetings, raising public awareness through leafleting, petitions, meetings with Councillors, Local MP’s and media. A first round win was achieved when the Planning Sub Committee met and a unanimous vote 9/9 meant that the planning application was rejected on all planning objections raised by the CRA.

The applicants had until 20th June to appeal, which they did and the resulting Public Enquiry unfortunately saw the unanimous rejection by the nine planning sub-committee Councillors overturned by the Planning Inspectorate through a single Inspector from Wales.

The planning application went ahead, however the applicant had to pay the costs of the four day Public Enquiry which were substantial

Sevenoaks Way Lighting;

A long drawn out consultation and lobbying between the council and our Road Safety Representative, Keith King, who finally requested a Lux test proved that the lighting was in fact below standard for the road rating and resulted in the Council placing an order to remove the  dim soda lighting along Sevenoaks Way and replace them with up to date brighter lighting which generally made the area safer.

Main Road & Riverside School;

The CRA achieved success in getting the council to order up new width restriction signage in Main Road and Sandy Lane to stop oversized vehicles from using this road which had caused widespread damage to street furniture.

The success also included orders being placed to have playground and school safety signage placed in Main Road to make it safer for children.

Chislehurst Road Bridge Replacement;

The LCRA was one of three RA’s to be invited to a meeting with Councillors, Council Highways Officers and Contractors to discuss solutions to alleviate traffic flow problems which would arise during the closure of the bridge while it was being replaced.

The LCRA submitted a list of proposals to be discussed at the meeting.

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