Welcome to Streetfriends, an LB Bromley initiative which encourages us all to ‘roll up our sleeves’ and get involved.

The scheme is designed to help the inspectors by proving extra sets of eye’s to spot graffiti, flytipped rubbish, dumped vehicles, overhanging vegetation, litter and dirt, dog fouling, faulty street lights and road and pavement problems.

If you want to organise a ‘Clean Up’ with your neighbours, the Council will provide equipment such as litter pickers and bags and contractors to be on hand to help. This is a community project not only designed to help the Council but also to help ourselves and put pride back into our communities.

If you want to become a Streetfriend you can register online with the Council and if you mention where you were introduced, they will provide us with your details.

Below you will find a list of numbers to phone to report the various issues;

1. Ring the appropriate number

2. Report the issue with location description, street name, outside house number, lampost number and a full description of problem.

3. Remember to write down a job reference number so that you can follow up on the issue.

020 8313 4557 – Dog Fouling – Dumped/Fly Tipped Rubbish – Dumped Vehicles

020 8313 4848 – Emergency Out Of Hours Problems

020 8313 4621 – Flooding

020 8313 4557 – Graffiti Removal

020 8313 4557 – Overhanging Vegitation

020 8313 4621 – Pavement/Road Problems

020 313 4557 – Recycling, Refuse and Garden Waste Collections

020 3281 904 – Street Lighting Faults

020 , 313 4557 – Street Cleaning

020 8313 4471 Trees in Roads, Parks & Woodlands

020 8313 4621 – Trees on Public Footpaths


One Response to Streetfriends

  1. Mrs L Doodson says:

    In spite of the drain cover surround in the 51 bus lane (diagonally opposite the Broomwood on the east side of Sevenoaks Way) being ‘repaired’ only a couple of months ago most of the top coat of asphalt has been worn away showing the loose stones underneath. The drain cover moves when traffic drives over it. Perhaps a proper repair could be attempted!

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