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Welcome to the Issues Group ‘work in progress’ page.

The Issues Group is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to improve our area, the work includes issues around maintenance of roads, pathways and open spaces, replacement of broken street furniture, improvements to maintenance, reporting of fly tipping and fly posting etc..

A regular meeting between the Issues Group and LB Bromley Street Cleansing Officers and Local Councillors ensures that maintenance issues are carried through.

The network of members are welcome to report to us any issues and we also encourage direct participation by reporting items to the Council, click on our FRIENDS tab and see our Streetfriends page for a list of handy numbers.

The work of the Issues Group also sees us getting involved with large road safety projects in which we liaise directly with the LB Bromley Head of Road Safety, Angus Culverwell, see our documents below and also our ‘Past Achievements’ page.

Lastly we get involved in issues involving planning and issues that affect our daily lives, see the News Shopper reports for our most recent involvement with the waste processing site off Sevenoaks Way which has seen two major fires in the last eighteen months. We are calling on the Environment Agency to close this site due to it’s location close to residential housing, schools, major road routes and SSSI site (Site of Special Scientific Interest).

These are just a few of the ongoing work that we carry out, to list it all would take quite a few pages.

Click on the following links (where appropriate) to view linked documents or scroll down for documents and updates on this page (the most recent appearing first):-

Latest News





Broomwood Road – Parking Update 27th June –

The new double yellow lines have been down only for a couple of weeks and the first offenders have been seen. The Council Highways department have been contacted and it is hoped that an enforcement team will be sent out to monitor the area.

It hoped that these infringements will encourage the Council to paint the kerb stone yellow painted tabs which mean that there is no stopping on the double yellow lines at all. The current double yellow lines mean that a vehicle can stop to allow passengers to alight. As these vehicles cause a major road safety hazard by obscuring the view for exiting vehicles from the McDonalds site, it is hoped that either enforcement or further parking restrictions will stop this dangerous activity.


Waste Processing Site – Update 27th June – By 10.30am, the Met Police helicopter was assisting the local Police and Fire Brigade


Waste Processing Site – Update 27th June – The manager at the site , Michele Foulds, reported that a member of the public called the fire brigade out at 5.30am after seeing smoke, three engines plus a fire control vehicle attended the site.

Broomwood Road/Sevenoaks Way Junction – Accident – Update 24th June – Another accident occurred today at the junction involving a car and motorbike, the motorbike was travelling along Sevenoaks Way when the car, turning right from Broomwood Road in the direction of Orpington cut across it’s path. Fortunately for the rider, an Ambulance arrived on scene within 2 minutes having been travelling in the same direction as the motorbike along Sevenoaks Way toward Sidcup. The accident caused the inside lane of the carriageway to be closed off whilst the Ambulance crew attended the rider. The driver of the car appeared unhurt at the time. Another statistic proving that this is a dangerous junction despite the findings of the Planning Inspectorate and another reason why the intended alterations that the CRA20Ten called for cannot arrive too soon. Only last month a car smashed into and mounted the ‘D’ island at the entrance of Broomwood Road causing the light bollard and the illuminated ‘lollipop’ to be replaced. We have also pointed out that the new ‘Lollipop’ requires a blue illuminated roundel with the white arrow indicator to help vehicles spot the ‘D’ island as we have achieved in Sevenoaks Way already.




Project Update From Southern Gas Networks – 18th June 2013

Please be advised that there has been reports of individuals posing as gas engineers trying to gain entry to properties, if in any doubt, do not let any person into your home.

The works continue on in the road.









Waste Processing Site, Sevenoaks Way – Update – 17th June 2013

A meeting between the Environment Agency and Environment Portfolio holder Councillor Colin Smith, Ward Councillor’s John Ince, Harry Stranger and Judi Ellis took place on 17-06-13, we are waiting to hear the latest news from Councillor John Ince and will update everyone.


Broomwood Road – Parking Restrictions – 17th June 2013

Following complaints that traffic flows down Broomwood Road were being hampered by vehicles stopping to call into McDonalds, the CRA20ten requested that parking restrictions were needed to stop these actions which were also causing a hazard to both other road users and pedestrians. The situation will be monitored and if the situation occurs that the problem moves up the road then further restrictions will follow if required. Another good example of the council highways officers listening to us and taking action after careful investigation.


Cotmandene CCTV – Update 17th June 2013   We have heard this week from Councillor Tim Stevens that there have been a number of cars identified at the site and that fines are being sent out, this will hopefully get the message out that fly tipping in the Cotmandene area is no longer acceptable behaviour and will improve the area generally for everyone to enjoy. A success story of local pressure to change the area for the better.

CCTV Report From 1st May 2013 – Following our campaign against illegal rubbish dumped at Cotmandene car park, the long-awaited cctv camera is now installed. On Saturday 27th April 2013 Councillor Colin Smith (Deputy Leader of the Council and portfolio holder for the Environment) confirmed the Council’s determination to ensure its effective use in solving the problem of illicitly dumped rubbish in the car park. For more info, scroll down…


Cray Wanderers Football Club – Update – June 2013

The club is currently looking at alternative grounds around Orpington. A potential piece of ground is currently being looked at over in the Chelsfield area, no further news is known at this time, watch this space…!!



Issues Group – General issues most recently being dealt with (updated 16th May 2013)*Policing update – 16th May 2013 – Yesterday the CVW Safer Neighbourhood Team held a drop-in surgery at the Cotmandene Centre. An Issues Group rep went along to get the latest news for the area.

We are pleased to report that we now have a full team comprising a Sergeant, two PCs and four PCSOs. We met Matthew Lane, one of the PCSOs who has been with us in CVW for a year after transferring from CVE and before that working in the heart of London. The team can be found at

So what news? Matt advised that over 1600 Burglary prevention leaflets had recently been delivered over CVW and that Burglaries generally appeared to be reducing.

We know (from our members) of recent attempts to break into garden sheds and that local teams have distributed leaflets on that subject too. However, Matt had not heard of any recent epidemic as such.

One item of interest (and one that some members had reported over the recent past) relates to a noisy motor biker disturbing people’s sleep. It may not necessarily be ‘him’ but Matt did report that a local person had recently received a Section 59 warning for such an offence. This means that one more incident will result in the bike being seized.

Future policing arrangements for the area remain unclear and we hope to receive more information at the next Bromley Community Engagement Forum meeting on Monday 20th May 2013.


Road safety update – 15th May 2013 – Members of the Issues Group attended a meeting yesterday with Angus Culverwell (LBB Head of Traffic and Road Safety), Peter Turvey (Head of Street Environment) and Councillors Ince and Stranger. The main purpose of our requesting the meeting was to discuss road safety and we covered the following points:

  1. Pothole repairs need co-ordination as currently they are repaired singularly resulting in numerous attendances for adjacent repairs
  2. The electronic speed sign between Kemnal and Gray’s Farm schools is imminent
  3. The Council will consider placing a round illuminated keep left sign on the newly repaired D Island at the Broomwood Road junction.
  4. Work on the Midfield Way junction improvement will begin shortly. There is no prospect of reversing the ‘no right turn’ arrangement and the problem of cars using nearby drives to avoid travelling to the roundabout was brought to the Council’s attention.
  5. The double yellow lines in Broomwood Road will be painted shortly. An extension of the restriction to cover no waiting or unloading would be considered later if it proves to be necessary.
  6. LCRA were shown drawings of the plans for the redevelopment of the Main Road(Homebase) junction which include our suggestion of the crossing arrangement. We were also shown the plans for the Nugent junction development that hopefully will overcome the traffic problems currently experienced. The blue illuminated keep left signs that LCRA persuaded the Council to add to D Islands in Sevenoaks way will probably be added to Islands along Cray Avenue.
  7. Similarly there are plans to redevelop the Leesons Hill/Sevenoaks Way crossroads. LCRA have pressed for right turning to again be allowed. One option is to widen the road and restore the right hand turns with dedicated lanes, the other is for a roundabout.
  8. White lines are wearing out in Sevenoaks Way and it was agreed that LCRA should provide details where safety appears to be an issue.

We took the opportunity to also raise and discuss grafitti, unauthorised advertising signage (posters and A Boards etc), illegal felling of trees, the need for enforcement action with temporary stalls (e.g selling flowers on the footpath) and road safety issues relating to the operation of the waste station at Crittals corner.

This was a very useful meeting and indicates the growing relationship between LCRA and the Council in working towards improving our area.

Road Safety – Update – 9th May 2013 – Further to the last update (please scroll down to 25th April 2013 update section) – we have been informed today that the electronic speed sign to be located between Kemnal  School and Gray’s Farm School (southbound) is due for installation at the end of May and that the modifications to the Midfield Way junction should be completed by the end of June. As for the Broomwood Road junction redevelopment, our last update said this would be affected by the pending gasworking and would be around July. However, as can be seen below, the gasworking actually starts in early July and lasts for ten weeks. It appears that the junction work will be delayed till September!


Crittals Corner litter and overgrown vegetation – 8th May 2013 – For several months we have been seeking to have the litter cleared and vegetation cut back at this location, especially as it is a gateway to Bromley! A few days ago we received a message from Bromley’s Grounds Maintenance Officer that ”Transport for London (TFL) are now in the process of arranging to fix the corner with litter/overgrown vegetation and also the damaged bollards. Our street cleansing team will be liaising with TFL to organise litter clearance”


Pending gas mains work – 8th May 2013 – On 1st May 2013 we reported that  Members in Broomwood Road had received letters from Southern Gas Networks about a project for renewal of the mains. Details were scant and so we  contacted the company for more information including dates and extent of the work, whether it is limited to the public pathways or can encroach on private property and, if so, details of reparation. We recently received the following information in reply (a very prompt response):

The proposed works are due to start at the beginning of July
and last approximately 10 weeks, subject to changes and contractual

The roads affected are the following:

Broomwood Road; both sides of the street from Sevenoaks Way to Whippendell Way
Broom Avenue; from Broomwood Road even number side of street up to number 40.
Croxley Close; whole street.
Tilbury Close; whole street.
Palewell Close; whole street.
Saxviille Road; from Broomwood Road to number 1
Walsingham Road; from Sevenoaks Way odd numbers up to 7.
Walsingham road; both side of street up to Croxley Rd.

No traffic issues are expected as most of the work will be carried out
in the footpaths and every effort will be made to maintain access, with all
our excavations backfilled and reinstated to match current surfaces.

Once the contract has been accepted I will be glad to give you a programme of
works, a letter will also be sent to all residents explaining our works and
confirming start dates.

Wire fencing in Sevenoaks Way (opposite Kemnal School)3rd May 2013 – This fencing was rolled back and partially blocking the pavement and was reported on 25th April 2013. On 30th April we were informed that it is the responsibilty of Transport for London. We queried this and we can now report that the problem has been fixed.

The Nugent shopping centre entrance/exit – 1st May 2013 – It is now known that the Council have approved a scheme for the junction to be controlled by traffic lights. There will be an improved pedestrian crossing and the temporarily suspended bus lane will be removed permanently. Earlier (as shown below in road safety) we had been discussing the removal of the ban on right hand turning at the nearby Leesons crossroad junction and the proposal by the Council officials to make this permanant has been deferred until the Nugent project is completed. In the meantime the ban will remain. The Nugent work will apparently cost £80,000 and will be funded from the Transport for London funding for congestion relief schemes.

Cotmandene CCTV – 1st May 2013 – Following our campaign against illegal rubbish dumped at Cotmandene car park, the long-awaited cctv camera is now installed. On Saturday 27th April 2013 Councillor Colin Smith (Deputy Leader of the Council and portfolio holder for the Environment) confirmed the Council’s determination to ensure its effective use in solving the problem of illicitly dumped rubbish in the car park. This assurance was followed by an email from Councillor Tim Stevens (Portfolio holder for public protection and safety) informing us that the system was paid for out of his ‘public protection and safety’ monies and affirming his support saying…. ‘I expect prosecutions whenever possible, a clear message needs to go out that the council has had enough and will support the local residents to clean up Cotmandene car park’. Needless to say we are grateful to both Councillors Smith and Stevens and our own Ward Councillors for this useful development. In addition to this camera there is a camera covering Cotmandene shopping area.


Broken railings at Crittals Corner – 1st May 2013. We reported this eyesore and on 29th April the Council advised that as the A232 road is a ‘red route’ it is the responsibility of Transport for London. They referred the problem to TFL. We queried this with the Council and were advised yesterday that the original advice is being reviewed. Interestingly we were advised to report similar TFL problems via


Unofficial signs and boards along Sevenoaks Way1st May 2013 – We have been making reports to the Council and urging enforcement action about unofficial signs (typically boards) and note that others too are reporting them on Fixmystreet (*).  There are three main issues being followed up but it is pleasing to note that over the past day or so the Council have forced the removal of a board at Cray Avenue (outside, but not necessarily owned, by Big Yellow Storage).


Improving traffic flow and safety –1st May 2013 – Several parking restrictions are planned including a double yellow line outside McDonalds in Broomwood Road (essentially to improve vision for exiting traffic),  extension of the existing double yellow lines in Chipperfield Road (near the rounabout with Leesons Hill to reduce road narrowing), and double yellow lines at Ringshall Road into Silverdale Road and Silverdale Road into Petersham Drive. There is also a plan to repaint the yellow hatchings at Millfields Close/ Sevenoaks Way and for white lines outside the library in Mickleham Road. Work on white markings on the mini roundabout at The Avenue/Bostall Road/Valley Road is also planned. On checking with the Council officer responsible we have been advised that the contractor is ‘very busy’! – All these issues are being hastened by Councillor John Ince.


Waste Processing Site – 29th April 2013 – The petition organised by three active members of  the Association has been submitted to the Environment Agency (Friday last week by Councillor Ince) and today we are posting the additional sheets from Gray’s Farm School staff and governors, together with a print-out of the electronic petition on this website as it stands at 29 signatories.


Mattress on grass by Valley Road – (re)reported 25th April 2013 -removed and now clear

Pothole at bus stop opposite Homebase – reported 16th April 2013 – fixed

Restoration of Bus shelter outside Halfords – being pursued

* Readers might be interested in viewing a range of reports made by residents in the Borough  on


Issues Group – Road Safety – Update 25th April 2013

LCRA working with the Council to improve Road Safety along Sevenoaks Way – update 25th April 2013

Further to the update of  21st February 2013…….

Speed concerns. The 30mph roundels at the Crittals Corner are now in place. We await the temporary speed sign(s) between Kemnal and Gray’s Farm Schools and Councillor Ince is hastening for us.

Crossings. The Council have agreed that the new crossing (associated with the Homebase junction signalising project) between Gray’s Farm School and Homebase will be on the South of the junction rather than North as originally proposed. Our request for this (as it accommodates the majority of users of the School, Homebase and bus stops) was supported by our local Councillors.

Junctions along Sevenoaks Way

Midfield Way – work on an improved structure to deter right turning into Sevenoaks Way is imminent.

Broomwood Road – work on the new junction layout will be delayed until around July due to planned gasworks.

Leesons Hill – the current no right turn arrangements will continue while the Nugent junction is redeveloped but Councillor Ince has persuaded the Committee to not make this permanent (as the Officers had recommended) but to reconsider the proposal after the Nugent work is completed.


Issues Group – Road Safety

Click to open – This was our original dossier presented to the Council’s Head of Traffic and Road Safety in mid 2012


Issues Group – Road Safety – Update 21st February 2013 

LCRA working with the Council to improve Road Safety along Sevenoaks Way – update 21st February 2013

The stretch of road formed by Sevenoaks Way and Cray Avenue is the most accident prone stretch in Bromley.

LCRA’s concern was that road was lacking certain safety features that appeared to be widespread in other areas. Consequently a dossier of suggestions was produced and was discussed with Angus Culverwell and our Ward Councillors during two walkabout inspections in July.


Lighting – The lighting along Sevenoaks Way was upgraded after a LUX test was requested by us that showed the brightness to be insufficient for the grade of road. This work was carried out and prompted the production of our road safety dossier requesting further road safety measures to bring this route up to standard.

Concerns about speed – Our suggestions included better signage at the beginning of the road at Crittals corner and the Council have agreed to a 30mph Roundel on the road surface and this is to be introduced shortly (having, we believe, been delayed due to bad weather –originally scheduled for end January).

Electronic Speed Signage – Sevenoaks Way – We requested an electronic speed sign at a position prior to Gray’s Farm School (as they have lost their crossing patrol at the nearby crossing). This south bound sign was originally agreed as a workable idea but has since been delayed (we are told this is because of the work surrounding the signalised junction at main road –see later).

Electronic Speed Signage – By Gas Works – We requested an electronic speed sign on the north bound route just north of the Leesons Hill junction and this has been installed.

Crossings – The Gray’s Farm crossing was considered to be serving few people as it is located on the north side of the Main Road junction whereas the majority of people-crossings are on the south side. Our request for it to be moved was considered sensible and then was absorbed into a wider plan to signalise the junction. Work is expected later in the year.

Road safety signs – Of particular concern was the signage of D Islands – following accidents over the past two years and especially one where a car ended up on the Island outside Homebase – an Island used frequently by Gray’s farm school parents. Consequently we requested blue and white round illuminated keep left signs and we are grateful that these now feature on Islands along the whole of Sevenoaks way. The rather drab, grey islands are now clearly visible to anyone with the (otherwise) desire to overtake!

School Signage – could also benefit from an upgrade – in particular the signage surrounding Riverside School and the playground in Main Road ( a road off Sevenoaks way) – this was discussed but we will be pushing further in the near future.

Midfield Way junction – We voiced concerns that despite the newly installed no right turn for traffic entering Sevenoaks way from Midfield way, there were several instance of violation every day. We suggested a more physical structure to prevent this. We believe work is imminent.

Broomwood Road Junction – With the opening of McDonald’s we were concerned about the complexity of the junction on road safety. Discussions included the traffic turning arrangements and the use of parking restrictions. With the exception of a new white lane outside the first house opposite the restaurant, the parking restrictions are still to be progressed (as the Council are not convinced of the need).

However a new junction layout has been proposed by the Council and is due to be started imminently. One feature that we welcome is the designated left hand lane for north travelling traffic leaving Sevenoaks Way and turning into Broomwood Road – this will prevent traffic merging from two lanes to one lane at the junction. Another welcomed feature an extension to the turning right ‘pocket’ for north travelling traffic waiting to enter Broomwood Road.

Leesons Hill junction – During the temporary closure of the Chislehurst road bridge over the railway, traffic increased at the junction. The Council put in place no right turns to aid traffic flow. Our concerns at the time were related to violations and signal timing, but have since shifted (after the bridge opening) to the fact that the restrictions are still in place and need urgent removal. We are concerned that the restrictions cause traffic to speed and also result in traffic merging from two lanes into one at a dangerous location (in this respect active turning right lanes mean traffic is ‘laned’ at the junction.

There is also traffic displacement along Main Road past Riverside School and Station approach. It is likely to have increased traffic flow along other feeder roads too such as Broomwood Road (already a problem with McDonalds’ traffic)

Other road safety issues worked on with the council – 

Mickleham Road Re-Surfacing – We were instrumental in the Council bringing forward the schedule (by two years) for the resurfacing of Mickleham Road – this was heavily pot-holed and a danger especially to motorcyclists. The resurfacing was completed a few months ago.

St Paul’s Cray Library – We have requested parking restrictions outside St Paul’s Cray Library at Mickleham Road, and along Chipperfield Road by the junction with Leesons hill. The Library lines are due shortly and work is currently underway at Chipperfield road.

Overgrowing Vegetation- obscuring signs is a constant problem and we report this frequently. Some cutting back has taken place along Sevenoaks Way already and we will be keeping an eye on the growth over coming months.

In conclusion

The LCRA are proud of the measures that have been carried out so far and have been pleased with the reaction by the Council’s Engineers to put in place the necessary remedial works to improve safety.

This is an ongoing project to improve the flow of traffic whilst maintaining sensible speeds which has benefits for road users, residents and businesses in the area.

Our aim is to see a steady year on year decline of accidents along this route over the next five years by working with the council officers, with us providing valuable local knowledge.